First Glance: Kinect vs. Move

The other day Austin, my best friend, and I went to San Jose to do a little shopping and spend some time together. We went to the Flea Market, Santana Row, then hopped over the mall. We didn’t really buy much, but it was great to spend some time with him!

While at Santana Row we came across a Best Buy which was almost completely empty, which was a little odd considering the time of day and such. We jammed up to the Video Game area where we were greeted by the Playstation Move and the Xbox Kinect. I have never tried these two additions before, so needless to say I was excited.

First up was the Playstation Move. I was use to holding a controller, i.e. Wii, so getting the controller calibrated was fairly easy; hold your arm up, down, and by your stomach. It only took a few moments and then we were off to play a rousing game of table tennis.

Pros: great graphics, extremely accurate movement compared to placement of controller, challenging enough but wasn’t frustrating.

Cons: Price, game choices, and those weird lighted plastic balls on the controller!

Overall First Glance: I’d give the Playstation Move a 4/5 stars. It was fun to play but I’d really like the price to come down and for the game choices to expand a bit more.

I really enjoyed playing on the Move! It was a great experience and if some games that come out for it that seem really interesting I’ll probably pick one up.

Up next was the Kinect! I don’t have a Xbox so I was trying not to be too biased when I was playing. I watched as Austin got calibrated into the system which was really interesting to see. It shows where your joints are on the screen and it seemed pretty easy to do. Austin and I took turns playing a round of tennis because we couldn’t figure out how to get two people to play against each other. It was fun and we were very surprised to see a video being played at the end of us playing the game! It looked like the camera would take snapshots during hurried movement and then create a quick montage. I really enjoyed that part! I didn’t enjoy, however, the graphics. They resembled the Wii and they had a hard time following my movement.

Pros: Montage, No controller and better game choices.

Cons: Price, graphics, and it’s on the xbox.

Overall First Glance: I’d give the Kinect a 3/5 stars. It wasn’t very challenging, which would be good for a young gamer or someone just making the leap from Wii to a more advanced gaming console. I wasn’t too pleased with the graphics but the xbox does seem to have a wider variety of games available to play with the Kinect.

If you are looking to get either a Kinect or a Move I would just go with the system that you already have. Don’t go out and get an xbox just to play the Kinect and vice versa. However, if I had to chose I would go with the Move. It had better graphics and was a bit more challenging.

If you are looking for some examples of what I mean I would research the Kinect and the Move on Youtube to see some game play.

Thank you so much for reading! Do you have any product reviews you’d like me to do? Just leave me a comment! This is my first “First Glance” so I’d love to know what you think!


By zomgitsjp

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